Rivernet. The advantage of experience.

You’ll find we’re different.

“With IT/networking people, it’s all about the technology – there’s a silo approach, particularly with the big players. They just come in, drop a box, configure, then leave.

With Rivernet, it’s also about the technology, but more about the business outcome. They really focus on aligning with business outcomes and adding value. This is what clearly differentiates Rivernet to the other players. They are partner driven.”

Project Manager, Public Sector Safety Department

Do the job right the first time.

By delivering successful project outcomes the first time, avoiding variations and the need to go back solving problems caused by inferior work.

Do it well – Proven track record of project delivery.

Rivernet has worked for over 10 years with Queensland Health and there have been zero failed changes.

Senior level engineers, exceptional value for money

Rivernet is a team of experienced engineers who have a minimum 15 years in the industry. They offer great value for money as they know their stuff, hit the ground running and have meticulous attention to detail.

No bait and switch – what you see is what you get.

The senior engineer you meet will be the one doing the work. It’s why our solutions work, first time.

Value for money

We send senior level engineers, scope the requirements thoroughly, then deliver the project successfully the first time. We may not be the cheapest upfront, but we will eventually save you money.

Fixed price / open, honest, upfront

We don’t manage by variation. We are committed to delivering on time and within budget.


Rivernet staff undergo 160 exams every 2 years. They are Microsoft certified; and can sell Cisco voice, security and network products.

CISCO voice

First SMB in Queensland to be certified. Rivernet offers a large Cisco workforce that is Brisbane based

Long term relationships with clients = trust

Owners Gideon Street and Scott Kirk have been in the industry since the 1990s and have formed trusted, long term relationships with many clients.