“RiverNet’s engineers proved to be very easy to deal with. They were thorough, approachable and flexible, and importantly, were willing to fit in with RACQ’s changing timelines.”

Furthermore, being on the ground in Brisbane, RiverNet easily satisfied resources and were able to have personnel on site very quickly if needed. When it came to the project phase, RiverNet were extremely competent.

We engaged RiverNet to run a number of communications projects for us, based around moving us to Amazon Web Services. They consolidated a number of primary and secondary routers; enabled network connectivity to AWS; deployed corporate wireless infrastructure to all major sites and upgraded our firewalls.

I dealt with the implementation of these projects and across the board, RiverNet’s engineers proved to be very easy to deal with. The Wi-Fi project was very good.

John Campbell
Manager, IT Security, RACQ

“We were having major issues with our new phone system. It was incredible how quickly Rivernet turned things around.”

Nothing was too much trouble for them – they were straight on to it, were wonderful in dealing with our staff, and ensured our system was running without a hitch in very little time.

“We had major issues with our new phone system. For around 8 months we were struggling with configuration issues, no integration with our network, backup or reporting capabilities. Unfortunately we just weren’t getting the level of required support from our 2 other providers. Every hour our phone system goes down potentially costs the organisation $2000 – particularly in periods when we’ve got a prize home fundraiser campaigns running.

We engaged Rivernet on a recommendation. It was incredible how quickly they turned things around. They immediately stabilised the environment, then resolved our top 10 issues in a matter of days. They provided comprehensive training for our call centre staff – training that no-one else had been able to provide. Staff went from being quite cynical about the system as they thought it didn’t work; to being quite comfortable and familiar with it.”

Damian Palmer
Project Manager, Endeavour Foundation

“You know with Rivernet, that if they recommend something, it’s going to be solid, tested, rational. They are extremely professional, and I trust them implicitly.”

“Rivernet is extremely professional and I trust them implicitly. You know with Rivernet, that if they recommend something, it’s going to be solid, tested, rational.”

“I’ve been in the industry since 1986. Over that period, you notice those who are professionally competent, particularly in technically challenging and difficult operational environments – and when constrained by tight budgets and deadlines. I like to have good people around me.

Rivernet are highly competent, and have significant expertise around IT networking, security and Unified Communications . They are extremely professional and I trust them implicitly. You know with Rivernet, that if they recommend something, it’s going to be solid, tested, rational. They also have no vendor bias, which makes a big difference. When they say they’re going to do something, you know it will be done….there will be no loose ends, no issues and no surprises.

You find with IT/networking people, it’s all about the technology – there’s a silo approach, particularly with the big players. They just come in, drop a box, configure, then leave. With Rivernet, it’s about the technology, but more importantly its ‘about the business outcome. They really focus on aligning with business outcomes and adding value. This is what clearly differentiates Rivernet to the other players. They are partner driven.

A lot of the smaller , specialist integrators have been consumed by the bigger players – so Rivernet is currently quite unique.”

Project Management Consultant
Public Sector Safety Department

“Rivernet’s design and delivery of the Gold Coast Hospital’s entire wired data network and voice solution set the standard for new hospitals in Queensland Health. The system has run seamlessly.”

They not only delivered the project in an extremely short timeframe, they also designed a system which has proven to be extremely robust.

The Gold Coast hospital is one of our super hospitals, and the first to go truly digital. It was a huge project that initially was given an 18 month timeframe, then pushed to 12 months. Rivernet delivered what was our biggest IT tender in 9 months – a not insignificant achievement when you consider the project included 25,000 switchports and 5,500 handsets.

It’s critical that a digital phone network in a hospital runs without major issue – otherwise patients’ lives can be endangered. If it fails, it has to fail in a successful way. Rivernet’s system was designed with enough redundancy in it, and I have to day, their design has proven to be extremely robust. The system has run seamlessly since the hospital opened, this is despite having a major UPS failure that powered down the data centre, both the voice and wired data stayed up but local services were lost when the respective severs failed.

Rivernet, who was engaged through UXC were appointed the primary overarching ICT integrator by the builder Lend Lease has worked in the health industry for many years, and they just get health. They know how to talk to us, they understand and follow our processes and they have really good engineers.

In fact, I trust Rivernet engineers like I trust my own engineers – they are extremely trustworthy and professional and their level of communication is excellent.”

Senior Network Engineer
Queensland Health Department