Communicate with anyone, anywhere using existing infrastructure

Phone and data networks used to be separate – adding a phone required extra hardware, a second set of cables and a specialised engineer to carry out the work. Today, using Collaboration technology, we use your existing data network to provide phone and other collaboration services fast and cost effectively.

Time & Cost efficiencies

Collaboration technology allows you to take control of your voice systems, and undertake many maintenance tasks yourself

More mobility, increased collaboration

The latest collaboration technology provides your organisation with a single infrastructure that integrates your communication channels, from your CRM, contact centres, online platforms, web-based tools to online training videos.

Collaboration technology allows you to

  • Integrate voice-mail into your organisation’s email
  • Integrate telephony into common desktop applications
  • Integrate with your CRM application
  • Conduct video conferencing
  • Provide Tele-presence capabilities