Tailored, flexible, scalable Cloud solutions

Rivernet offers security focused cloud solutions which offer enhanced security from the network layer through to application security. These hosted solutions are easy to integrate, ensuring a seamless transition to greater security.

Transition to other Cloud Services

We can assist with readiness assessments and transition to other cloud solutions, such as cloud computing. We design secure network infrastructure to integrate with the infrastructure of private cloud solution providers.

Cloud video conferencing – as simple as meeting in person

Rivernet cloud video conferencing solutions offer features and functionality that extend past typical video conferences. These services enable anyone with any device access to video conferencing, persistent chat and secure document sharing services. No matter where they are.

Our solutions are based on:

Umbrella DNS Security – Cloud Security Platform

Cisco Umbrella is the industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway in the Cloud, using the internet’s infrastructure to block threats before a connection is even made. With security from the cloud, our clients save money and enjoy more effective security.